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Support & Maintenance

For details on Support & Maintenance please see this document
FramePro Support and Maintenance.pdf

Support & Maintenance consists of the following:

  • Email support
  • PureDev Software will attempt to reply to all emails within 24 hours
  • Bugs will be logged and where possible PureDev Software will advise on work-arounds.
  • Where possible bugs will be fixed and included in custom builds.
  • New features can be requested, and where possible PureDev Software will implement those features and provide a custom build with the new feature.
  • Discount pricing on any new major version number releases of FramePro (minor version updates are free).

Every project has unique needs in term of profiling. If you want to be in the position of being able to request new features and have fast turn-around of build updates then the Support and Maintenance option is for you. Any bugs that you request to be fixed will be prioritised over other work and PureDev Software will attempt to get a new build out to you as soon as possible.

PureDev Software prides itself on excellent customer service. Because PureDev Software is a small company it can be far more agile and quick to respond to changing needs than some other companies. Choose the Support & Maintenance option and think of PureDev as another member of your team.

setup video


Add these two files into your codebase:

Call this every frame

Add scopes to your code:

Connect to your app using FramePro.exe.

Supported platforms:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Windows UWP
XBox One

Please read the FramePro FAQ