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I want to be able to work on my codebase from anywhere, whether I'm on my home PC, my laptop or my work PC, and have it all stored centrally. I also want to be able to work offline, and to work from a USB drive if I'm going somewhere without an internet connection. One solution would be to use an online version control system, but for various reasons I prefer to use a local Perforce server on my main PC. So the only option that I'm left with is to use a USB drive or a cloud service such as Dropbox. However, there are a few problems...

The first problem is that I only want to sync the code files, I don't want any intermediate or random files that happen to be lying around taking up space. It needs to be quick and small, so I can't just copy my root code folder to Dropbox.

The next problem is that I need to be able to easily catch and resolve any conflicts for files that I might have changed on two computers, so a simple batch file isn't going to cut it.

The third problem is that it is tedious having to manually sync the folders using something like DiffMerge.

CloudFolder solves all of these problems. It sits in the system tray and syncs folders at the click of a button.

Features include:

  1. Multiple folder mappings
  2. Include and exclude wildcard filters
  3. Use your favorite merge software to handle conflicts
  4. Automatically sync on system boot/shutdown
  5. Automatically sync when USB drive is inserted

Usage example

You can obviously use CloudFolder in any way you like, but here's my setup:

  1. Install Dropbox
  2. Install Diffmerge
  3. Download and install CloudFolder
  4. Click the Add button in the main CloudFolder window
  5. Enter the local folder you want to sync, and your dropbox folder
  6. Set wildcard filters
  7. Click Done.

Close the dropbox window and it will quietly sit in your system tray and keep the folders in sync. It will automatically start up when windows starts and sync your folders, and will also sync on exit. To manually sync double click on the tray icon. If there are conflicts the icon will turn red; click on it to merge the conflicts. It's that simple!


If you find CloudFolder useful I'd love to hear from you. Or if you find bugs or would like to request a feature please let me know.
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-CloudFolder Version 1.0
-Auto syncing. CloudFolder now watches directories and automatically syncs when files change
-Auto syncing settings, enabled and delay time.
-You can now specify file order in merge tool
-Improved settings dialog with explanations
-Fixed merge window not always displaying
-Can now double click on tray icon or balloon to merge