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Graph View


The graph shows the amount of memory allocated over time. It updates in real-time while connected to the application.


Left click & drag Scroll the time axis
Mouse Wheel Zoom the time axis
Right Click Open context menu where you can make a snapshot or change the graph settings
Right click and drag Take two snapshots and subtract on from another. More info here

graph view
1. Check box keys These check boxes show you the colours of the different memory states, and allows you to enable and disable from in the graph.
2. A snapshot This is a snapshot that was taken. A yellow line shows that the snapshot is selected, red lines are unselected snapshots. Select a snapshot by clicking in it.
3. Allocated memory graph
4. Allocation Sizes Graph (read more below)

Graph Settings

Right click on the graph and select Settings from the context menu, or View Menu -> Graph -> Graph Settings

graph settings

Auto Memory Range MemPro will automatically scale the Memory axis to keep the graph in view
Min Memory The minimum memory to display on the y axis (if Auto Memory Range is disabled)
Max Memory The maximum memory to display on the y axis (if Auto Memory Range is disabled)
Timescale The number of seconds to show on the time axis (zoom level)

Allocation Size Graph


The allocation size graph shows how many allocations of each size happen over a fixed interval, (100ms by default). The graph only updates while connected.

The light grey lines show the total number of allocations for each size. The yellow lines in front show the number of allocations of that size in the last interval.

To change the interval right click on the graph and select Settings. Here you can change time interval and the Count and Size axis limits.

© Copyright 2011 - 2013 Stewart Lynch