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Types View


The Types View shows the allocations broken down by type, with type being the type of object that is being allocated.

How does it work?

For each line in the callstack MemPro will try and find the file and line of the source code. If that looks like a call to new it will work out the type of data being allocated. For example, this might be the callstack:

`anonymous namespace'::TestInfiniteAllocs (+232) - mempro_test.cpp(443)
wmain (+98) - mempro_test.cpp(580)
__tmainCRTStartup (+447) - crtexe.c(552)
wmainCRTStartup (+15) - crtexe.c(371)
wkernel32.pdb: (0x773B33AA) (+0)

MemPro checks the line in mempro_test.cpp and finds:
char* p = new char[size];

It can then work out that the type of object being allocated is a char.

Why is it only showing 'untracked'

There are a couple of reasons that MemPro can't work out the type. One is that the application is not using new/delete but its own allocation functions. The other is that MemPro can't find the source code files. This can happen if the application as compiled on another machine for example.

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