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Pure3D is a 3D modelling package, which is still very much in development. I enjoy modelling, but often find traditional modelling packages tricky to use. Also, writing plugins to modify and export data isn't usually much fun.

Pure3D will use the same rendering and animation engine as my game software, so there is a lot of shared code. It's also a good test for my other projects such as Docker, HDataGrid, and TransformTools.



  1. Undo/Redo for all operations
  2. Save/load (xml format)
  3. Dockable windows
  4. App settings and saved window layouts
  5. Multiple views
  6. Orthographic views
  7. Object camera
  8. Fly camera
  9. Multi-object selecting
  10. Auto backup
  11. Recent file list

Scene tools

  1. Creating/deleting and copying of meshes
  2. Default mesh primitive creation, cube, sphere etc.
  3. Object hierarchy (inheriting of parent transform)
  4. Scene treeview (drag/drop to change parenting)
  5. Mesh grouping
  6. Mesh instancing


  1. Translate, rotate and scale tools
  2. Object properties (using HDatagrid library)
  3. Transforming vertices, edges and faces
  4. Multiple selection
  5. Create polygon
  6. Join polygons
  7. Insert vertex
  8. Deletion of vertices, edges and polys
  9. Extrude face command
  10. Custom polygon slicing
  11. Plane polygon slicing
  12. Smoothing groups
  13. Cut polygon strip
  14. Move pivot
  15. Vertex welding
  16. Automatic edge looping
  17. Mirroring


  1. Animation control-bar (play, pause etc)
  2. Keyframe animation editor
  3. Rigging
  4. Skinning
  5. Bone manipulation
  6. Animation spline editor
  7. Smooth quaternion interpolation
  8. Simple 1 level IK
  9. Simple bone constraints
  10. Bone envelopes
  11. Painting bone weights
Screen1 Translate Rotate Scale VertexDrag PlaneSliceTool Animation Splines Rigging