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PureDev Software was formed in 2013 by Stewart Lynch. The aim of the company is to provide high performance software and technology to software developers. Stewart has been programming for over 20 years in C++, and has worked in the games development industry since 1999.


I'm a low level C++ programmer who likes nothing better than profiling and optimising code. As most low level programmers know, we often end up having to write our own tools to get the job done, either because there are no commercially available tools, or they are not suited exactly to our needs. I've been writing my own tools ever since I started programming.

The tools that I have written for myself have proved extremely useful, allowing me to find performance problems and track down bugs that would otherwise have been impossible. I spend much of my time working at different games companies solving problems, and my tools are an integral part of my work.

In 2013 I took the decision to polish these tools and release them as commercial products, and I founded PureDev Software. My products have gone on to sell to many games companies and also companies in other sectors. It turns out that games development is not the only discipline that needs high performance tools. People often comment that they've always meant to write something similar, but never got around to it. Now you don't have to; I've written these tools and they are available to you.

The projects that I work on in the games industry are typically very large, consisting of many millions of lines of code. They also have very tight limitations on both memory and processing power. The standards for any such technology are very high, and I only release products that meet these high standards. VMem, my C++ memory manager, has been used in a number of high profile games, including those which have gone on to sell many millions of copies. Any profiling tools need to be able to handle extremely large data sets without falling over. I take pride in creating the most optimal tools possible.

FramePro is the newest addition to the tool set. I've always written my own CPU profiling code because most of the systems in games for measuring performance have an unacceptable overhead. There is no point profiling code that is being artificially slowed down by the profiler! All of my tools are created to solve a specific problem that I have in my day to day work. I find them extremely useful, I hope you will as well.

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