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I regularly undertake contracting work in the games industry, with contracts typically lasting between one and six months. I work in the UK and will consider placements within a 50 mile radius of Guildford, Surrey, or in central London. I will also consider remote working for developers further afield. My services are often requested in the later stages of a project to help optimise and bug fix. Some of my recent work includes:

  • Profiling and frame rate optimisations
  • Optimising loading times
  • Low level file IO
  • Optimising a multi-threaded task graph
  • Low level lock free code
  • Streaming optimisations
  • Overlay rendering for character customisations
  • Character Outline rendering
  • Read ahead IO caching system
  • Tracking down and fixing memory leaks
  • Tracking memory usage and coming up with budgets
  • Reducing memory fragmentation problems
  • Fixing threading and concurrency problems
  • Optimising a garbage collector
  • Tracking down memory corruption bugs
  • Optimising game server performance
  • Steam integration
  • PC conversions
  • UI modifications

I usually work as part of the Core team, working on low level systems, optimising and bug fixing.

In my career in the games industry I've shipped 10 successful games. No game that I've worked on has ever been cancelled. I take great pride in helping to ship stable and bug-free games.

Please contact me to discuss your contracting requirements.

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