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FastFind MemPro

Visual Studio Plugin

Visual Studio 2010 (up to version 4.3)
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2022


FastFind - find anything
in an instant.

Why FastFind?

FastFind lets you see the find results update as you type, and jump to the code, all without touching the mouse.
FastFind is a Visual Studio plugin that allows you to instantly open solution files or find text in files. The FastFind window will auto-update as you type, showing you anything relevant and allowing you to jump instantly to the code.

"When I'm working in large unfamiliar codebases I'm always having to search for code. Having to open a find-in-files window, enter what I want to find, wait while it searches through thousands of files on the hard drive, use the mouse to navigate to a new results window, click on the result I want - it's just too slow."

"With FastFind I can see the results as I type, and jump to the code, all without touching the mouse. Those few seconds saved really do matter when I'm doing this hundreds of times a day."

Dev machines these days typically have a lot of memory, and a lot of cores. FastFind utilises all of your machine's resources to find what you are looking for. No need to wait, the answer is there instantly.