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Frame Stats

Frame Stats are zero'd at the start of the frame and accumulated during the frame. Each stat has an accumulated value and a count.The count is the number of times the stat was added to in a frame.Frame stats are keyed off the name value, which must be unique.The "graph" and "utils" values are only read on the first call for a stat and must stay the same thereafter. Graph is the graph name to display the stats. Multipole stats can be put into the same graph. The Units will show in the y-axis.

Frame Stat Macros

FRAMEPRO_FRAME_STAT(name, value, graph, units)

name: string literal - the name of the frame stat
value: int, int64, float, double - value to add to the frame stat
graph: string literal - name of the graph in which the values are to be displayed
units: string literal - y-axis units to be displayed in FramePro, eg "ms", "MB" etc.

Adds value to the frame stat with the specified name and increments the count by 1.


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