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Cores View

threads view
  1. Show or hide context switches
  2. Show or hide wait events
  3. Toggle heirachy
  4. Colour by thread or by scope name
  5. The Core Graph

Show of hide context switches

This is only relevant if context switches are being recorded. If context switches are set to visible a vertical line is drawn when the context switch happens and hovering over it with the mouse shows infr=ormation on that context switch.

Show of hide wait events

Wait events are for recording any time a thread is waiting on another thread. wait events are added with the FRAMEPRO_WAIT_EVENT_SCOPE macro. The wait scope is used any time the thread starts waiting on an event, mutex or critical section. The FRAMEPRO_TRIGGER_WAIT_EVENT macro is used to signal that the wait event has been triggered.

FramePro will show wait events as small red/yellow square dots on the graph. Hover over the wait events for more information. Lines will be drawn between the associated wait start, stop and trigger events. Click on a wait event to lock the selection to that event so that you can scroll around.

Toggle Heirachy

By default the scopes on each core will be shown as a heirachy. If you would prefer to see a single line with no heirachy uncheck this box.

Colour by thread of by scope name

If colouring by thread the same colouring will be used as in the thread view. When col,ouring by scope, FramePro will pick a unique colour based on the scope name.

The Core Graph

Click and drag left/right and use the mouse wheel to zoom. Hover over scopes for more information. Click on scope to display them in the scope graph.

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