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VMem VMem

C++ Memory Manager

Platforms: Windows x86, x64, Unix, Linux, OSX, iOS

VMem - Fast and efficient
C++ malloc replacement

VMem License

VMem is free to use in open source software and is bound by the GPL license. To use VMem in a commercial application you must purchase a commercial license.

Commercial License

Software License Agreement.pdf

Because of the restrictions imposed by the GPL license (you must make your code open-source), commercial users of VMem can purchase non-GPL licenses.

This license is per product, per platform and is for an unlimited distribution. For example, to use VMem in a single game on two platforms, you will need two licenses. The VMem source code can be modified by you, but only distributed in binary form.

Please contact PureDev Software to purchase this license. Once payment has been completed you will be issued with a Software License Agreement, allowing you to use VMem in your product.

GNU General Public License

VMem is licensed under a dual license. For non-commercial use VMem is governed by the GNU General Public License,version 3.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation.