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FramePro License

By installing FramePro you are agreeing to this license agreement:
Download EULA

License Summary

FramePro can be used freely for 30 days without purchasing a license. This time starts when FramePro is first installed. After 30 days has expired you will need to purchase a license to continue using FramePro.

The purchased license will come with a key of the form:

Name/email eg. comapnyName001 or username@domain-001.com
Key 12345-12345-12345-12345-12345

Enter these deails exactly at they appear into the registration form in FramePro, which can be found in the Help menu -> Enter Product Key. The 001 number at the end of the license is to allow for multiple licenses to be purchased by the same company or individual. Each license that is purchased will have its own name/key pair, with this number incremented.

FramePro is licensed per install. One license allows for FramePro to be installed on one machine at a time. The license is perpetual, and includes all minor number version upgrades.

When registering the software FramePro must be able to communicate with the PureDev Software server. It does this using an http request. Please ensure that FramePro is allowed to contact IP through port 80. FramePro will also check that the license is valid on startup.

Moving the license to another machine

The FramePro licenses are floating. Each license can be installed on one machine at a time. To move the license to another machine simply install it on the new machine and the old install of that license will be automatically deactivated. There is no need to manually uninstall FramePro from the old machine, FramePro will detect that the license has been deactivated and fail to start. The licenses can be moved in this way any number of times within the organisation that purchased the license.